27 November 2013 - Isabelle receives the Paul Harris Fellowship award

Isabelle De Smul – Brink, Born in Africa coordinator, has just had an incredible honor bestowed upon her on the eve of 28 November 2013. During a formal evening hosted by Rotary, she received the Paul Harris Fellowship award which was given to her by Rotary District governor Vyv Deacon. The presentation of the “Paul Harris Fellow is the Rotary Foundation's way of expressing its appreciation for a substantial contribution to its humanitarian and educational programs. It is named after Rotary founder, Paul Harris, a Chicago lawyer who started Rotary International with three business associates in 1905. Amongst other fellow South Africans who have received the award are Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and F W De Klerk. Isabelle was incredibly proud to receive the award and praised her staff for their efforts. In becoming a Paul Harris Fellow, Isabelle joins a remarkable company of persons throughout the world, all recognized for their devotion to the ideal of good will, peace and understanding. It is the goal of Rotarians the world over, and one that Isabelle clearly shares.

Rotarian and BIA chairman Remi De Backer and his wife Lieve gave a short introduction on Isabelle’s younger days and the Rotary president Ruby Chetty who also serves on the BIA board praised Isabelle for her work. BIA is truly proud of Isabelle, our director and founder.